Camille & Heather of Venn Floral


Venn Floral is an event floral studio based in Sonoma County that specializes in sustainable, artistic, and timeless designs for events and weddings throughout Northern California. With seasonality as their guide, Venn Floral takes pride in hand selecting the most beautiful materials directly from local farms, premium growers, and wild landscapes.

Collaboration and authenticity are at the forefront of Venn Floral's ethos. Co-owners Heather Frye and Camille Rowan truly enjoy the intimate process of developing and achieving their clients’ visions and are widely known for their thoughtful, organized, and professional approach to planning and execution.

Venn Floral accepts a limited number of events each year, in order to offer their complete focus and exceptional service to each and every client. Get in touch here to book your event.


Heather and Camille founded Venn Floral in 2015, inspired by their passion for nature, desire for creative exploration, and dedication to honest work.

Heather Frye of Venn Floral

HEATHER is a bright eyed realist with a healthy sense of humor. Everyday loves include her husband, her garden, cooking, and cocktails. She has an appreciation for fine linens, hearty laughter, and exquisitely steamed milk. She is our resident expert in van packing, behind the scenes operations, wild installations, and overall mood here at Venn. In life and work, she is a steady source of calm, cool, and color.

Camille Rowan of Venn Floral

CAMILLE is a country girl at heart, always up to greet the dawn with her two dogs and a good cup of coffee. Fresh air, a good laugh, and family dinners on the farm are a few of her favorite things. When it comes to translating our clients' visions into expertly crafted proposals, dialing in logistics, and sourcing exquisite flowers, she is a master. On and off the job, her tireless wit, enthusiasm, and drive are an invaluable source of energy to all that she meets.