Paper Craft Workshops with Venn Floral

As floral designers and sculptors we’ve been obsessed with crafting paper flowers over that last year (inspired by the fabulous book Paper to Petal by  Rebecca Thuss & Patrick Farrell). The challenge of replicating our favorite blossoms and the freedom of creating specimens unknown to nature have kept us in the studio, snipping, wrapping, twisting, and manipulating materials at all hours of the day.

Enjoy these rare specimens and come join us at our 2 upcoming workshop events, where you can make your own for $5 a piece.


5/2/15 May Day Celebration at Open Field Farm from 11am - 4pm

2245 Spring Hill Road, Petaluma


5/9/15 Artisan Marketplace: Mother’s Day Edition at 

Warehouse - Healdsburg on  from 11am - 3pm

1464 B Grove Street, Healdsburg