On the coast.

California is incredible- no argument there. Growing up on the west best coast has been known to influence and infiltrate every bit of style, attitude, life philosophy, and refusal to leave. 

This series of images celebrates our collaborative vision as native Californians in our “natural habitat” with the flowers from our gardens and styling straight out of our closets. We can’t resist showing every type of photo in here, but there will soon be a curated, and different selection of images on the website soon.

A huge and special thanks to Anne Loupy!

Beautiful Anne. She just needs her own blog feature! Writer, photographer, consultant, model. We are so grateful to have her in our lives.

A coastal crown. Berzillia berry always reminds me of the sea, and I had never noticed the star shape of the dried statice until recently. I recalled the illustrations in the flower faeries books I hoarded as a child when I was making this. 

This is Heather’s famous hat brimming over with tillandsia and boutonnieres. Now I’m currently on the search for a hat to use as a vessel to hold my air plants and deliver bouts to clients.

Heather’s jeweler hands make some fiiiine work. This double head band should be manufactured, right? I would buy it.

Candid camera.

All hands on deck.