We believe in the power of personal connection and seek to build meaningful relationships with our clients, our colleagues, and the spaces we work in.

The subtle and constant changes in the natural world fill us with fervor. We wade through gardens, wild landscapes and backyards to collect the perfect ingredients, generally spending too much time staring at everything and howling in delight at the discovery of a new darling (please excuse us!)

Our greatest joy is giving each blossom, each tendril, the opportunity to be a part of the adventure, always embracing the fleeting nature of our work. We believe each material has something to say and we aim to let our designs be expressive of nature and celebratory of the seasons.

We are sculptors, painters, and gardeners at heart and Venn Floral strikes a balance between all of these passions.

Our work is love made visible.

Camille & Heather of Venn Floral
Heather & Camille of Venn Floral
Camille out foraging on her family’s farm for delicate, golden seed heads for Venn Floral’s ethereal designs. Photographed by Collin Morrow.
Heather trimming up grapes at Rowan Farm to use in lush table scape designs for Venn Floral. Photographed by Collin Morrow.
The hands of Venn Floral at work. Photographed by Collin Morrow at Rowan Farm.